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Trimmer vs. Hair Clipper – What’s the Difference?

Stylist using hair clipper on man's neckline concept for Men Haircuts Near Willowbrook.

When you do not have time to visit our team at HoneyCuts and you need a quick cut or shape up of your facial hair, you need the right tool to do the job. Here we delve into the two vital pieces of equipment that will help you maintain your look in-between salon visits and which is better for different jobs.

The Trimmer for the Job

Typically, you want to put a trimmer into service if you are just cleaning up areas and for any detailing of your hairline. Trimmers are ideal for trimming beards, nasal hair and sideburns. The detailed work of tight lines is best for trimmers as they have a tooth and blade size appropriate for cuts that are closer to your skin. Many varieties of trimmers have an array of attachments and tools that will help you with each and every area of your body. A specific nose trimmer is another type of trimmer that is specific to nose, ear and eyebrow hair trims. It is made for very precise work.

Trimmer blades have smaller spiked teeth that are ready to attack shorter hair along with thin blades with a variety of attachments.

Clippers Keep it Clean

On the hand, a trimmer is best for longer hair and designed to cut hair at a longer length. You will typically put clippers to work when you cannot get into the salon and need to shape up your hair for a big event or meeting. Since clippers are meant to be used on your head, there are guide combs included so that you can cut your hair at the length that you desire and not worry about cutting it too close to your scalp. If you are unsure which guide to utilize, start with a longer version first so you do not trim off more than you want. Clippers can also be used when you are cleaning up a thick or long beard but not if you are doing a detail line along the edge of a shorter beard.

On clippers, you will find larger blades and guides that can be easily changed out for a different length of cut. These guides make it easier to trim your own hair without the fear of cutting too much with scissors.

We are HoneyCuts

While an occasional do-it-yourself trim is OK, you still need to stop in and see our team at HoneyCuts for a professional cut and relaxing experience. Our team knows all about trimmers and clippers and when to use which tool for the job. Our stylists only work on men and boys hairstyles, and they understand how best to create the trendy or traditional vibe that you want. Our stylists have hours set, so you can make an appointment with your preferred stylist. If you have any questions, reach out through our online contact form.

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