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Summer Grooming Tips for Men

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Summer means fun in the sun, late nights and more time to relax and have fun, but it also means sweat and a switch in your grooming routine. Check out how you can still look your best all summer long no matter if you are chilling by the pool or out on the town.

For Your Hair

Conditioner is just as important for your hair as a man’s hair as it is for women’s hair. It can help with damage that can occur with exposure to too much sun, wind or water. It is a good idea to use a conditioner after every time you shampoo to help keep your hair soft and moisturized no matter what texture or length your hair is. But be mindful of how much you shampoo your hair as it can take away essential oils from your scalp that are necessary to hair health. Just a rinse on some days will be just fine to help keep your hair hydrated and at its best all summer long. 

Consider putting a wide tooth comb into play as part of your grooming routine during the summer instead of your brush. It works better to detangle and not break or damage hair that is affected by the sun and heat. Of course, keep up on your haircuts with our stylists at HoneyCuts. Keeping your hair trimmed every 2 to 4 weeks will snip off the damage that can occur on your ends. Plus, a shorter style than usual will be easier to manage and styler when it is warmer outside. You will look and feel better with a fresh and shorter cut. Our stylists can discuss what type of cut will work for your hair during the summertime.

For Your Face and Body

Summer means more skin is exposed with swimming and outdoor activities. Manscaping should take center stage with a high-end safety razor or trimmer to take care of any unwanted body hair that will now be on display. Your beard and mustache will also be affected by the warmer weather. The skin under your facial hair is more likely to dry out during the summer. Make sure to have your favorite bear oil and balms on hand for your facial hair and skin. Cooler showers are called for as you may be taking more and you do not want to dry out your skin even more with a hot shower. Consider changing up your fragrance of choice for the season too. Any crisp clean scents are a great choice.

We are Ready to Get You Summer Ready

Our HoneyCuts crew is ready to cut and style your hair today. Visit us at one of our locations throughout the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. With every cut, we will wash your hair afterward, so you walk out feeling fresh. You also receive a free scalp massage every visit. Let us know if you have questions through our online contact form.

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