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I visted your Illinois rd location in Fort Wayne on Sat at 1pm. There was no wait and had plenty of stylists ready. Did not catch her name as they were more interested in ordering lunch. I got buzz with 8 on top and 6 onside. She went over it only once, uneven cut around ears, and didn’t ask how I wanted my neck. She rounded it and cut it too high. She didn’t offer me a mirror to check the back and I had to lean over to check front because her chair was not centered in front of mirror. Didnt realize how bad it was till I got home. I didn’t get my neck shaved or hair washed because I’m not interested. Pretty easy and quick cut to do. So you can understand my frustration when I don’t get an even or thorough cut all for $20. Poor experience (not the first time) and not interested in returning.

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