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Nicole Swanson

Honeycuts is a tad over priced for a toddler hair cut seeing as most don’t partake in the hair washing. Personally, I don’t mind because the staff is friendly, my child is happy and it’s not usually too long of a wait. Tonight I had my second negative experience at a specific location in Oak Lawn, IL: Lauren was setting up to cut my sons hair and he commented how he did not like the movie Toy Story she put on and her quick response was “why don’t you close your eyes than?” Thinking back I cannot believe I did not interject, it’s not okay to talk to anyone especially a child, who simply voiced an opinion about a movie. There were no other customers waiting, I’m not sure what her day was like but I don’t find that type of attitude excusable especially towards a child. His demeanor quickly changed and we proceeded with the hair cut, which turned out however, there are plenty of choices of barbershops in the area that Honeycuts does not have to be my preferred place especially with a negative attitude such as the one we experienced today.

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