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Mary Kate

I took my two year old son to the oaklawn location dreading every moment as he has a lot of sensory issue and each haircut has been an absolute horror for us….but not this time! We walked in as my son was screaming yelling trying to run out the door. FAWN came over ever so gently and kindly told my son to come w her and she’d show him around. Well she spent over 20 min just letting him look at all the hair tools, turn the buttons on and off showing him how everything worked and not to be afraid! Fawn was honestly a God sent that day! My son then trusted in her and was able to get his first ever non-crying haircut!!!!!! I was so happy I cried. I can not thank her enough for how ever so patient and kind she was to us! I am forever grateful for the time and true compassion she had for my son! FAWN thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You did a fabulous job and I can’t get over how handsome my son looks! He was so very proud of himself telling everyone how he got a haircut!

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