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Lorena Alvarado

Today was my 4th time taking my son there and I never had a problem with his cut until today. I specifically told the stylist I DID NOT want an angle line in the side of his hair and that’s exactly what she gave him. She said bc he had small hairs she had to go in to the side more but yet before she started she looked at his hair and I showed her how I wanted it and she didn’t say anything before hand that the hairs where to short. Or when she shaved it and saw it was short you would think she should of asked me if I wanted to leave it like that knowing that I did not want the line like that. Its like she didn’t care what I wanted or what I requested she just did what SHE wanted. I am very disappointed and angry. I mean if it was just $8 I paid for kids haircut then fine but $18 I expect it to be what I asked for.

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