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Colton Wojnowski

I bought a Grouponn for this barber and had very high hopes. I was switching from Haircuttery because they did not get my style right and was looking for a professional barber. The Groupon offered a haircut, shampoo, neck shave, and scalp massage. I received all of the items promised along with an excellent haircut. However, the atmosphere of the shop was quite terrible. Jenny treated me as though I was just another head to cut and upon finding out that I bought a Groupon, dismissed me as a cheap customer. Her mannerisms were dismissive and not friendly whatsoever. She was very happy towards her co workers and acted as though I wasn’t there. I will not be coming back here and I recommend that the staff pays more attention to their customers. Very unprofessional and not a welcoming atmosphere. Also, this was on a Saturday morning when there were no other customers being attended to. I will say that Jenny gave me a very nice haircut, and has been cutting hair for 23 years, but was very cold and rude to me.

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