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I got my hair cut this afternoon at 2PM in Homer Glen. When I walked in on time, the woman who ultimately would be cutting my hair was walking around without a mask. She put one on before I was seated. It wasn’t until my hair started being cut that I noticed the customer a couple of chairs over was not wearing a mask and his stylist had hers under her nose. COVID is not to be taken lightly, not to mention the sign on your own door says masks are required. I declined the hair washing just to get out of there sooner.

As for the haircut itself, it was okay. The stylist asked before she started whether I get my hair cut with a scissors or electric razor normally. I said I only get it cut with scissors. She started by using an electric razor. A couple of minutes later, I reminded her I had answered scissors cut and she replied she knew and that she was “shaping” my hair first. She then used the scissors for a couple of minutes before returning to the electric razor. I only went to this Honey Cuts because I had had a good experience there several weeks ago. I’m not one to normally give negative feedback but felt I had to, under the circumstances.

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