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Men’s Holiday Haircut Trends

If you are ready to change up your look just in time for the holiday celebrations and photo ops, then a new haircut is just what you need! Your hair can really set the stage for the rest of your look. While men may not have as many options as women for a holiday ‘do, there are still some on-trend ways to bring your look up-to-date with these latest trends!

Pompadour for today: If you have a full head of thick and longer hair, you should consider bringing a pompadour up-to-date. The pompadour has been around for decades in some form and fashion for both men and women. Men’s pompadours hit a high back during the 1950s. Today’s trend is having your hair slightly longer in the back than the top.

Undercut: If you have long hair or long fringe, you can make it easier to manage and on-trend with an undercut. Your style will be a lot more functional and easier to manage.

Keep on buzzing: The buzz cut is a trend that really does not go away! It is the lowest maintenance type of haircut that fits pretty much every guy. It can mean more frequent visits to our team here at HoneyCuts, as when it starts to grow out, it can look shabby.  

Curly-que: Curls are here for men to wear! Longer and curly hair in front lets you be part of the trendy crowd. Our team can help you with styling your own curls and helping cut them for the best look possible.

Spiky time: An edgier style trend is spiky hair that is defined with the best products. You can take your spikes from casual to dressy in no time. Our stylists can help you maintain your cut to keep your spikes in place.

Faux hawk: It’s not quite a mohawk, but it duplicates those same principles. Your sides are short and it is longer on top, but not long enough to be a true mohawk. You can try this trend even if you have curly hair.

The messy quiff: The great thing about this style is that it is messy! You do not have to worry about having every hair in place or getting caught in windy weather. The messy, tousled look is the point. It is easy to style and maintain as it is simple and casual.

Connect With Our Team for a Trendy New Look

No matter what your style is, our stylists can help you maintain it with the proper haircut. You will feel at home in our casual atmosphere that is just for men and boys. Our stylists are knowledgeable about what is trending on what will work for your hair. If you have a favorite stylist, make sure to check on her hours. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team through our online contact form.

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