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How to Clean a Beard Properly

Man drying his beard with towel, to show cleaning beard after Beard Trimming Salon Oak Lawn.

Facial hair – especially your beard – takes a lot of abuse! From eating to facing weather elements, the hair on your face needs attention just like the hair on your head. Keep these tips in mind on how to put your best beard face forward all year long.

Wash, wash: Lukewarm water will help open the pores on your face that can get clogged from oils and products that you put into your beard. Pair lukewarm water with a soap specific to facial hair or beards. Try to really get a lather going. Massage the soapy water into your facial hair for a good minute, really working into your beard to dig deep and get to your skin, which doesn’t breathe as much with hair covering it all the time. 

Rinse, rinse: Rinse out all of the lather and soap thoroughly as you do not want any residue left behind in your strands. It is a good idea to rinse twice with warm water just to make sure you get all of the soap out.

Condition: Facial hair tends to be wiry and coarse. A little bit of conditioner can help keep it soft and more manageable. Conditioner needs a few minutes to work, so give it time to really soak in before you rinse it out.

Dry: A microfiber towel can be a gentle alternative to a traditional towel as it does not tug at your hairs as much. Pat dry and rub gently to get most of the moisture out of your beard.

Style: Finally, use your favorite bear oil or other product to help style and manage your hairs for the rest of the day. Just a few drops or small amount of the product is best. Take time to really work it into the hairs and wrap up by styling or shaping it.

Visit the Pros for a Trim

If your beard or facial hair is out of control, no matter how you wash and style it, come out to one of our locations at HoneyCuts for a professional touch. Our stylists embrace the positive energy that will help bring you your best cut or trim. Our HoneyCuts stylists continue to provide top-notch service with a free scalp massage and wash after you get your haircut to whisk away any annoying hairs for a comfortable and freshened up experience. 

Our team knows beards as we only work on the hair of men and boys. Our founders felt that there was something missing in the world of salons and barber shops when they first opened their doors in 2003. We continue the tradition of masculinity with a garage theme, individual TVs at every styling station and the positivity that you expect from our stylists. Depending on the stylist, she has her own schedule, so please check it out if you want to see someone specific. If you have questions, please reach out through our online contact form.

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