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How Often Should Men Get a Haircut?

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Keeping up with haircuts can be a challenge for busy men and parents of young boys! While everyone is different and feels differently about frequency of haircuts, we are taking a look here at some general guidelines for your hair-cutting calendar. 

While a typical timeline for any haircut is four to six weeks, there are factors that can affect this timeline. These include: what type of style you have now or are wanting to have, how fast your particular hair grows and when you perceive your hair to be too long. If you ask your little guy if his hair is too long, he will probably say No to avoid going through the process! Your style is the top component that creates a calendar for your haircuts.

High-Maintenance Hair

You will be sitting in our chairs at HoneyCuts more frequently if your style is high-maintenance. These types of styles really start to look off when they are growing out and need to be addressed really even before it looks like you need a haircut. Typically looks in this category include shaved hairlines or buzz cuts, hard parts or severe undercuts. Unfortunately, these types of “harsh” haircuts have extreme lines and do not grow out as well as a “softer” look. In order to keep your cut looking sharp, you should visit us about every three to four weeks. If you are not someone who enjoys the process as much, then this type of cut is really not for you. For instance, hair grows on average about .5 inches a month, which equals a No. 4 clipper guard. If you do not want it to get this long, then you will need to get it cut more like every two weeks.

Most Popular Style

Most of the male population falls into the short/medium haircut space, which can go about every three to five weeks before it needs trimming. Under this category are crops, quiffs, side parts and pompadours. These all leave wiggle room for a little growth that won’t wreck your overall style. Typically, if it is a “messy” look at the beginning, it can go longer until a cut. 

Longer is the Least Maintained

Obviously, your longer styles can go for a longer time between haircuts. It is best to keep an eye on your ends, as split ends are a signal to get a trim. If your hair begins to feel or look “heavy,” it is time for a cut or maybe some longer layers to lighten the hair load.

No Matter Your Length, Our HoneyCuts Team is Here

Our stylists are ready to get you all freshened up! If you have a certain stylist that you prefer to see, find her schedule here. Our vibe is welcoming to men of all ages. We make sure you leave with a wash and massage after your cut. We are happy to address your questions through our online contact form

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