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Hair Shedding: How Much is Normal?

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While everyone – regardless of gender – worries about hair loss, it is normal for some amount of hair shedding to occur at all ages and stages of life. Hair shedding is a normal and natural part of your hair’s life cycle. So how do you know when to worry about all of that hair in your shower drain? Here, we dive into the life of your hair’s strands.

The Lowdown on Hair’s Life Cycle

Believe it or not, there are actually hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head and each strand is following a cycle that is at different stages. Typically, a hair lasts about two to five years on your head. What can affect when a particular hair strand falls out is your gender, hormones, stress, nutrition, hygiene and beauty routine. When your hair is growing it is in a phase that includes about 1 centimeter of growth per month and pretty much most of your hair’s strands are in this phase. When a strand stops growing and it moves into a different stage, it will fall out at any given time, such as scrubbing during the shower, styling or brushing. With only a small percentage of the hairs on your head in this last phase, you will typically lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day as part of the normal life cycle.

How Gender Can Affect Hair Shedding

Men and women both lose hair every day through shedding. Typically, women will lose more strands per day due to many factors. Women style their hair more aggressively, which can lead to hair shedding. Daily heat styling and frequent coloring of hair can be behind why women’s styles can affect their hair shedding. Women also will face changes in shedding due to pregnancy and menopause. These stages in life can affect the hair’s life cycle. 

Of course beyond lifestyle and gender, there are medical reasons that hair can fall out for men or women. These types of conditions include: nutritional deficiencies, thyroid conditions or lupus. If you are concerned about your hair shedding, gently pull a small area of hair. Two to three hairs should be all that comes out. If there are a lot more or if you are just worried about patches of scalp showing or signs of hair loss, reach out to your doctor for an appointment to discuss.

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