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Classic and Stylish Haircuts for Men 

Low fade haircut for man when checking for Orland Park Barber for Male Haircut.

With the average man getting a haircut every two to three weeks, you may be looking to switch up your usual style and try something new at your next appointment. Popular hairstyles are constantly changing, and it might feel overwhelming trying to find a cut that fits your uniqueness while also keeping up with the times. At HoneyCuts, we want to ensure that you feel confident in choosing a look that feels right for you. If you need some inspiration for your next haircut, check out the classic and stylish haircuts for men that are trending now. 

If You Want a Shorter Cut With a Close Shave:

  • Fade

The fade haircut is perfect for individuals who want a shorter look, and there are many different variations of a fade. This style includes shorter sides and a shorter back with the cut closer to the skin towards the bottom. The top remains at any length the individual desires. When visiting HoneyCuts, you can request a low, medium, or high fade. A low fade will reveal the least amount of skin, leaving the hair longer as you move upwards on the head. A medium fade will reveal more of the closer cut, while the high fade leaves a majority of the skin revealed and longer hair on the top. Our stylists can discuss the different fade options with you at your appointment. 

In addition to the low, medium, and high fades, you can request a pompadour fade. This type of fade leaves the sides shorter and the hair on top with plenty of volume. This volume allows for more styling options and a slicked-back look. 

  • Buzz Cut

The buzz cut describes a wide range of hairstyles, as each cut is specific to the individual. While a fade involves using different clipper guards to create a tapered look, a buzz cut uses one clipper to keep the hair at the same length. Our stylists will help create a close shave and can either keep the hair the same length on all sides or leave the hair on top at a specific length. 

If You Want to Keep Your Hair Longer on Top:

  • Undercut

For an undercut, attention is drawn to the hair on top of the head. The sides of the head are often buzzed to look distinctly different from the top. By leaving this area long, the hair has added volume and a more defined look. It also allows for your facial structure to stand out. An undercut is a perfect choice if you want a look that combines elements of shorter and longer hair. 

  • Quiff

Similar to an undercut, a quiff cut consists of shorter sides and longer hair on top. For a quiff cut, the emphasis is placed on the top of the hair, which is styled upwards. A stylist will comb the hair back to add volume and texture. This cut is also versatile and can be made to look neater or looser and relaxed. 

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