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Westmont Barbershop-like Haircuts

Westmont Barbershop-like Haircuts

Are you looking for a new barber in Westmont to get your haircut? You have many options but one a highly recommended barbershop is HoneyCuts, a hair salon for men. It is a welcoming, professional barbershop that caters only to men and boys. When you visit, you can expect a professional haircut at a fair price.

Choosing a new stylist can be nervewracking. The professional barbers or hair stylists at HoneyCuts in Westmont will put you at ease and will take the time to talk with you about what type of haircut you want. Good communication is key to getting the haircut you want.

Bring a Photo

If you have decided to get an entirely new look, your best bet is to bring a photograph of the haircut you want and share it with your stylist. A good stylist, like the ones at HoneyCuts in Westmont, will look at the texture of your hair, hairline, cowlicks, and bald spots and then honestly tell you if your hair can look like the picture you provided.

The combination of bringing a picture and talking with your barber or stylist will ensure that you won’t have any surprises and your haircut will be what you want. Here are the  latest men’s styles that many of the barbers or stylists use at HoneyCuts in Westmont:

Buzz Cut — Your hair is cut off using a clipper. Be sure to tell your stylist what size blade to use. A #0-1 is for a very short military-like haircut.

Crew Cut — Here your hair will be short and tapered on the sides and back, while the top is longer.

Ivy League — This haircut is a more extended version of the crew cut and also known as the Harvard or Princeton Clip.

Tapered Cut — Here all your hair is tapered, and the top is two inches long.

Caesar — You will recognize this cut because of the fringe near the forehead. The hair on the top is about an inch longer than the rest of the hair.

Fade — The Fade is a tapered haircut that blends or fades into your skin.

Comb-over Fade — The comb-over fade has longer hair on top and tapered sides and back. It is very common for men who are balding to wear this cut.

High & Tight — This haircut is longer on top with very short sides and back.

Undercut — An undercut features short sides, with a longer top of the hair without any tapering. It can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want it to be.

Flare — A Flare is a square cut where your stylist will cut a straight line across your hairline, sideburns, and neckline and will keep the top longer.

Asymmetrical — An asymmetrical cut has different lengths all over your head.

Faux Hawk — A faux hawk is a tamer Mohawk. The sides will be short, and a three-inch long strip of hair will be in the middle.

Top-Knot — A Top-Knot is a buzz cut with at least 6 inches on top to put in a bun on top of your head.

Long Side-swept — This haircut is for long hair, and it is parted on the side.

Long and Slicked back — For this cut, you need shoulder-length hair and must be able to spend time styling it.

Visit the Westmont HoneyCuts Today

Not only will you get a great haircut, but you will get a wash and a scalp massage. Please stop by and see us at your Westmont HoneyCuts. We offer a discount for your first visit too!

I am HoneyCuts

When you hear one of our stylists say, “I am HoneyCuts,” you know that they are talking about a service, an attitude, and a commitment to each of our customers. The “I am HoneyCuts” promise means that we’re committed to always being positive and maintaining a great attitude in HoneyCuts, and that ensuring our customers have a quality experience is our top priority. 

Why HoneyCuts?

  • High Quality Haircuts For MEN!
  • FREE Wash And Scalp Massage
    AFTER Every Haircut!
  • Comfortable, Garage-Like Theme For Men.
  • Friendly Hairstylists.
  • Flat-Screen TVs and Music Provide
    a Relaxed Atmosphere!
  • Great Value For The Service And Experience!

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