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The only Crown Point salon solely focused on haircuts for men and boys.

Men lead busy lives. They may have obligations such as work, school and families. They may also enjoy spending time with friends and watch or play sports.

Going to a salon often does not fit into a man’s schedule. They may not have time before or after work. On the weekends, they may spend an hour or more just waiting for a haircut at the local salon that caters to women.

HoneyCuts understands that this is not a typical man’s idea of fun. If you’re a man looking to forego the salon experience, head over to your local HoneyCuts. We are men’s hair professionals who understand men’s haircut needs.  We focus only on men’s hair, so we are well-equipped to help you, your brothers, son or other male family member feel right at home.

What We Offer

HoneyCuts is passionate about the overall male haircut experience. We understand that men don’t feel comfortable being surrounded by flowers, feminine scents and beauty magazines.

HoneyCuts was created to change that experience. Everyone needs haircuts, but it seems as though the hair industry unfairly caters to women. Boys and men need haircuts, too, but they have different needs. We started off to create a fun atmosphere that meets these needs.

We don’t operate like a typical beauty salon. When you walk in, you’ll notice our garage theme. This may seem unusual, but this rugged environment helps clients relax and feel at ease. We work our magic as our clients watch sports on TV. We finish with a wash and scalp massage, and our clients are quickly on their way. Our haircuts focus on efficiency, so you’re in and out in no time.

Our friendly stylists will provide you with a quality haircut you’ll love. Try one of these popular salon quality hairstyles at your next visit to HoneyCuts.

  • Crew cut. Crew cuts are comprised of longer hair on top, which is cut by scissors. A razor is used to cut the hair shorter at the sides. The result is hair of two different lengths.
  • Buzz cut. Buzz cuts are great for men and boys who don’t care much for fancy hair and simply want a low-maintenance style. Buzz cuts make all your hair the same length using clippers. Choose a haircut guard to fit your needs, with #1 used for the shortest hair.
  • Pompadour. A pompadour is an old-school hairstyle that can be modernized to look stylish for today’s fashionable boys and men. The hair is longer on top so it can be slicked back with mousse or gel. The sides can be cut or left long.
  • Taper fade. This haircut uses clippers of different lengths to make the hair look like it is fading. The hair is longest on top and gets shorter and shorter as it goes down.

Visit HoneyCuts Today

 HoneyCuts offers a comfortable but unique salon experience that boys and men of all ages will find inviting. For just $22 ($18 for seniors and boys), we offer a high-quality haircut, wash and scalp massage. We also offer other services that you might find in your local salon, such as beard trims, gray blending and eyebrow waxes.

If you don’t enjoy the salon environment but want a salon-quality haircut, you’re the type of man who will enjoy HoneyCuts. Those in the Crown Point area are just minutes away from our St. John location, located at 8331 Wicker Avenue. For more information about HoneyCuts, give us a call at (219) 627-3071. We are open six days a week, from Monday through Friday 10AM to 8PM, and Saturday 9AM to 5PM.  We are closed on Sundays.


I am HoneyCuts

When you hear one of our stylists say, “I am HoneyCuts,” you know that they are talking about a service, an attitude, and a commitment to each of our customers. The “I am HoneyCuts” promise means that we’re committed to always being positive and maintaining a great attitude in HoneyCuts, and that ensuring our customers have a quality experience is our top priority. 

Why HoneyCuts?

  • High Quality Haircuts For MEN!
  • FREE Wash And Scalp Massage
    AFTER Every Haircut!
  • Comfortable, Garage-Like Theme For Men.
  • Friendly Hairstylists.
  • Flat-Screen TVs and Music Provide
    a Relaxed Atmosphere!
  • Great Value For The Service And Experience!

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