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A New Take on a New Lenox Barber

Barbershops are, traditionally, businesses that specialize in providing haircuts, and a wide range of other services, to men. Today, barbershops are pretty out-dated, and it’s difficult to find a good barbershop where you can get a cut, a beard trim, and even an eyebrow wax or grey blend in an atmosphere that’s friendly and comfortable, and at a price that’s reasonable. That’s why we created HoneyCuts, a salon that specializes in haircuts for men.

Our Haircuts Are Given in a Comfortable Atmosphere that You’ll Love

One of the things that our clients love most about coming to our New Lenox barber is that our haircuts are given in an environment that is not only much different from the norm, but is much more comfortable for men, too. Designed specifically with guys in mind, our space features large TVs both in the waiting room and in individual cutting stations, oversized plush sofas, and an atmosphere that is designed to look more like a garage than it is designed to look like a salon.

Prices Are Affordable!

If you are hoping to get a haircut at a place that won’t break the bank, we are the solution! Not only do we provide a free scalp massage and wash with every cut (and you can bring in our $5 off coupon if you are a first time customer), but a man’s haircut is only $22! For seniors and youth, this price drops to just $18! We also offer beard grooming for $5, eyebrow waxing for $7, and gray blends for just $20!

We Keep Things Casual

If you’re a man, you probably don’t want to have to deal with all of the fuss associated with making an appointment, checking in, and scheduling for the same time next month. At HoneyCuts, we keep things casual, which means that we work on a walk-in only basis. When you come into our New Lenox location, just put your name on the list, take a seat in front of the TV on one of our plush sofas, and we’ll get you back in no time. You can come in Monday through Saturday, but keep in mind that we are closed on Sundays.

Our Stylists Are the BEST

We take a lot of pride in our stylists, who work for us not just because they are incredibly skilled and know how to provide men with the styles that they’re looking for, but because they’re incredibly friendly, easy going, and passionate about their work, too. Everyone at HoneyCuts cares about ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Barber in New Lenox You Can Count On

If you have been searching for a barbershop where you can get your haircut, and walk away feeling and looking good with a little more cash in your wallet than expected, we’re your go-to. Want to learn more about our salon? You can contact us by writing us a message via the form found on our website, come in and see what we’re all about in person, or read some of our many client reviews! Hope to see you soon!

If you are looking to join the Honeycuts team today, talk to us about stylist opportunities.

I am HoneyCuts

When you hear one of our stylists say, “I am HoneyCuts,” you know that they are talking about a service, an attitude, and a commitment to each of our customers. The “I am HoneyCuts” promise means that we’re committed to always being positive and maintaining a great attitude in HoneyCuts, and that ensuring our customers have a quality experience is our top priority. 

Why HoneyCuts?

  • High Quality Haircuts For MEN!
  • FREE Wash And Scalp Massage
    AFTER Every Haircut!
  • Comfortable, Garage-Like Theme For Men.
  • Friendly Hairstylists.
  • Flat-Screen TVs and Music Provide
    a Relaxed Atmosphere!
  • Great Value For The Service And Experience!

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