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5 Easy Haircare Tips for Men

Even though the average man keeps his hair short, it still requires diligent upkeep to look its best. Whether your mane is long and luxurious or short and stylish, HoneyCuts has the haircare tips you are looking for. All men should consider these five easy haircare tips to instantly improve the health and quality of their hair. 

Avoid Overwashing Your Hair

You might believe that washing your hair more often will make it look better, but that’s a common misconception. Washing every day strips your scalp of the oils that promote strong, shiny hair, which causes your oil glands to overcompensate by producing even more oil. Plus, using too much product can cause buildup, which makes your hair look limp and lifeless. You may notice dandruff buildup if you clean your hair too often. 

Most men should aim for two or three washes a week, depending on their hair type. Certain hair textures may require more or fewer shampoos each week, so be sure to ask our stylists for more information. 

Gentleness is Key

Treat your hair with care. Don’t scrub or scratch your scalp when washing. Doing so can increase the risk of hair loss, so use a gentle shampoo as often as possible. Wet hair is usually more prone to breakage, so be extra careful when combing it after a shower. Gently pat your hair with a soft cloth to avoid damage, and air dry whenever possible. Mindful haircare is an important step to promoting healthy, strong locks.  

Trim It Regularly

Shorter hairstyles generally involve more maintenance than longer haircuts, although it depends on the specific style you have. Maintaining your style involves making regular visits to a trusted stylist. If you don’t cut your hair frequently enough, it can become overgrown, leading to the dreaded mullet. Additionally, hair naturally splits over time due to the elements it faces every single day. You’ll want to trim the split ends off to prevent the breakage from extending upwards. 

Use Heat Sparingly

Too much heat can damage your hair. Whether it’s from drying your hair or from using any styling, heat strips hair of its moisture, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. While there’s nothing wrong with blow-drying your hair, consider using a lower temperature setting. Similarly, hot water in the shower can also damage your locks, so use warm rather than steaming hot water. 

Moisturize According to Your Hair Type

Hair needs hydration to defend against dryness, breakage and split ends. However, the amount of moisture your hair needs depends on its type. Fine hair benefits from a leave-in conditioner, while coarser hair types may benefit from a deep conditioning mask. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, too. Drinking plenty of water and eating more vegetables and fruits can increase hydration, promoting healthy, beautiful hair. 

Get a Stunning Haircut at Our Barbershop

The better you care for your hair, the happier you’ll be with the way it looks. A good hair care regimen is an integral part of maintaining your look, so consider these tips to keep your hair healthy and strong. If it’s time for a trim, turn to HoneyCuts for the outstanding haircut you deserve. Visit us now to learn more about hair care!

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